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Sunset Boulevard - Starring Nicole Scherzinger

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Monday, 18 September 2023

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Sunset Boulevard

NICOLE SCHERZINGER stars as the immortal Norma Desmond in ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER’s legendary SUNSET BOULEVARD.

This thrillingly atmospheric musical, which features an iconic score including the songs With One Look, The Perfect Year and As If We Never Said Goodbye, is reimagined by visionary director JAMIE LLOYD for a new generation.

Haunted by her memories and dreams, movie star Norma Desmond (Scherzinger) yearns to return to the big screen. A struggling screenwriter who can’t sell his scripts to the Hollywood studios may be her only hope, until their dangerous and compelling relationship leads to disastrous circumstances.

Drenched in champagne and cynicism, SUNSET BOULEVARD scrutinizes the ambitions and frustrations of its characters and their intoxicating need for fame and adoration.

The Jamie Lloyd Company’s SUNSET BOULEVARD arrives at the Savoy Theatre in London’s West End for a limited 16-week run from September 2023.

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Young Couples:

Nicole no show but still a great show
Despite the star, Nicole Scherzinger not being on stage which was the reason I paid £149.50 for an excellent stall seat, which was very disappointing but still the alternative lead, Ms Rachel Tucker have a. rousing performance. The music of ALW as always pitch perfect, Tom Francis gave a sterling performance as did the captivating Grace Hodgett Young. The performance of a young Norma by Hannah Yun ChemberlIn was graceful and decadent, a true rising star.
Ozan, 04 Dec 2023
The best piece of Theatre I have ever seen! Absolutely fantastic
Emma, 03 Dec 2023
Fantastic show
A really great show. Only two issues. Had issues finding the entrance because google maps sends you round the back! Seats in the theatre are not comfortable. All the staff are fantastic, drinks expensive but suppose it’s London but £11 for a standard glass of wine from a bottle that costs £9 in a supermarket is a bit steep. The show was amazing and would recommend it to everyone.
Kimble, 01 Dec 2023
I loved some if the ideas I haven't seen before, e.g. using cameras on the stage, this supported the back seats greatly; the tour within the inner corridors of the building, which showed the audience a different view of the atmosphere behind the stage; the tour outside the building was so creative and unexpected, loved it! Just a few actors, and simple costumes, but their acting and especially, Nicole's voice and presence, made the show Big! Already recommended.
T., 27 Nov 2023
Nicole Scherzinger stood out amoung an average cast
I suppose I am biased having seen the original production which had fabulous sets. Whilst I know they were going for the minimalist set I don't think it worked for this show. Sometimes it does, I think Les Mis is worse for having more scenery. I also think there was too much corny slap stick which got laughs from the younger crowd but I prefer the gravity of the original showing in the 90s. The orchestra was amazing and I was spellbound by the quality of Nicole Scherzinger's voice. However, I felt Tom Frances who played Joe needs to be directed to look towards the royal and grand circles when he is singing and not just to the stalls. It was a good performance but I think it was a little too arthouse for me.
Gordon, 14 Nov 2023
Amazing transformation of a much loved musical.
This reimagining of a well known musical took my breath away. Simply superb.
ann, 07 Nov 2023
Blown away by the music and quality of the performer's
Phil, 02 Nov 2023
Best show I've seen!
This show was one of the highlights of my year! The dancing, singing and choreography was nothing short of spectacular. I'd go back to see this again if I could! Highly recommend!
Arlene, 29 Oct 2023
Great yet disappointing
Brilliant acting, dancing and singing. Nicole Scherzinger has an exceptional voice and great presence on stage. But the lack of ANY set, scenery or costume is very detrimental to the production. So much is lost in this production compared to when I first saw the show in the West End (with Petula Clark). I was really looking forward to seeing it again. But what a loss. What a shame!
Linda, 27 Oct 2023
Nicole Scherzinger is AMAZING! Unbelievably talented! The production was so creative and the story is so relatable. The lead actor Tom Francis was equally BRILLIANT!
Leslie, 25 Oct 2023
Great show acting and singing excellent
Helen, 19 Oct 2023
Fabulous Acting, fabulous story
I loved the film and was greatly taken by the acting and singing in this performance. Nicole fantastic voice. Wow!
COLIN, 14 Oct 2023
Stripped Down Revival
Didn't think Ms Scherzinger would have the voice for musical theatre given her pop background - but Wow! Amazing vocals, hit all the right notes, and could she sustain them. First half was excellent, second half a bit of a mess and hard to follow. Wasn't keen on the lack of scenery/costumes and the constant playing of pre-recorded video clips. Felt cheap. But wow to Ms Scherzinger - she made the show. Also thought it a little tacky for the leading man to do the curtain call in his underwear and still covered in blood. He could have wiped it off and thrown on a shirt or robe.
Oscar, 03 Oct 2023
Great show… But theatre comfort could have been much better
I think indoor air conditioning units were broken tonight. It was super hot inside the theatre. Super uncomfortable for audiences and actors.
Conan, 23 Sep 2023